Eden Brook Resident's Best Friends

Coco DiSalvatore

My name is Coco
and my Mommy is Marianna

I'm getting kinda spoiled but everyone says I deserve it because I need all the loving I can get. I am having fun now. I didn't know what that was before.

I'm a lucky little girl because my mommy Marianna rescued me from some very bad people and I'm so happy now. I have a lot of friends and I'm a happy puppy!

Princess Pugh

My name is Princess
and my Mommy&Daddy are Eileen and Lee

I'm a bit spoiled especially by my daddy. He likes to play with me and even lets me bite him. Isn't that that cool!

I love being with my humans. I eat when they do, lay in their laps, sleep with them, and even get up in the morning and walk my daddy to the door. Mommy doesn't even do that!

Gretchen Becker

My name is Gretchen
My Mommy and Daddy are Pat and Paul
I also have a brother Joe

You probably see my daddy walking me around because he takes excellent care of me. He says I'm the last Becker pet.

I like to chase the bunnies outside but I've never caught one.

I still don't understand why everyone walks around my yard all hours of the day like it's their yard, too. I bark a lot but I really just want to be friends with everyone!

Prince McGuire

My name is Prince
My Mommy is Kathleen
My Grandma is Nancy.

Right now they are letting me visit my cousins and sometimes I come home and see my Mommy and Grandma. I love to run and play and love my humans. My girlfriend lives right under my Mommy's condo and her name is Princess. She's shy, but I know she loves me too.

I'm kind of a free spirit!

Everyone treats me like the Prince I am and that makes me happy

Teddy King

My name is Teddy
My Mommy and Daddy are Kathy and George

I have fun running all over the place and wearing my mommy out. I'm a very lucky puppy because I get to travel a lot and my Mom,y is teaching me how to sew!

I'm a lucky Teddy!

Peppi Piekarski

My name is Peppi
My Mommy and Daddy are Mary and Karl

That big guy Karl? Don't tell anyone, but I have him wrapped around my little paw. I love to go out for my walk and play with all my friends in the neighborhood. My cousin Coco and she's very pretty.