Welcome to the Red Hats from Eden
Red Hats at Oxford trip on Wednesday 13th of June
Red Hats with Spence Keyes at the Banneker Museum Feb 2011
Red Hats at Annies for the December Holiday
(Above)At the Brio Tuscon Grill

Below are pictures from our Red Hats at the Aboretum in Washington followed by Jaspers for lunch.


December Pictures

The December 8th

From left to right standing: Sandy Suhrie, Peggy Williams, Kay Janiszewski, Eileen Kerrigan, Mary Ann Lynskey,
Frances Keyes, Lorraine Schueler, Greta Vaught. 

Seated from left to right - Kathleen King and Ursula Lautieri

January 6 at Reynolds Tavern From left to right - Lorraine Schueler, Peggy Williams, Kathleen King, Eileen Kerrigan, Sandy Diamond,
Kay Janiszewski and Sandy Suhrie